5 Steps To Respond To Job Offers

10 Feb Respond To New Job Offers

Dealing with jobs has always been a hard task for job seekers. How to apply for a new job? How to appear for an interview? And then how to respond to a new job offer? The procedure is itself not that tough. But recruiters demand a strategy which we the job seekers are not well aware of. We usually plan to stick to that one job in hand but this isn’t the way jobs work out.

When we’re in jobs, we will encounter new job offers. And this becomes a real hard thing to deal with. So today in this post I’ve planned to share some ideas to deal with new job offers.

This post is mainly for the ones already in job. But starters can also follow these tips to get into a new job.

Once you receive a job offer from a company, you just had an interview, you should try to follow the below given steps to come to a decision.

Step 1

One day you’re checking your emails and there’s a job offer, waiting your reply. Read that job offer carefully. Highlight the points you think where your attention is required. Come up with questions you need to query. Make a list of those concerned points.

Then there’ll be some points, which you think need to be negotiated. Point out them and learn how you’re going to negotiate. Being a job seeker doesn’t mean that you’re under recruiter’s spell. Job seekers do have the power to question and negotiate!

Step 2

You’ve pointed all the key areas. Now you must evaluate them yourself before replying to that job offer. Is it worth it to move on or is it better to step back? If you’re confused, you better ask for suggestions from experts.

Step 3

Do you’ve only one job offer waiting for you or you’ve been expecting more? If there are more your way, you better wait and compare all the job offers. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 with all the job offers.

Step 4

Now that you’ve prioritized the best job offers, it is time to deal with the questions and negotiations you highlighted in Step 1. Write an email, pointing your queries. But remember you must not ask closed-ended questions like “Do you allow negotiations?” As the answer to this could be straightaway a big ‘NO’. And there your negotiations are all gone. If you’re concerned about the salaries or other employment benefits, you can ask about them. Try this, “Thank you for considering for this job. I’m really glad to hear from you. But I’m concerned about the salary. The salary i.e. Rs. 40,000, you offered me isn’t what I was expecting. As this is the salary I’m already getting. I would really appreciate if you re-consider this salary. I’m expecting at least Rs. 50,000. The current average salary ration for this job post with the experience that is equivalent to mine is about this. So, this is the salary I would be expecting. Thank you.”

You don’t have to copy the exact same words. Come up with your own words. But remember to be professional, humble and flexible. Don’t give them a straight ‘No’ to them. Let them think and reconsider. If you’re really that good, they’ll counteroffer you.

Step 5

After all the accomplishments in all the steps above, it is time to respond to the best job offer. Add important points from the job offer like the re-negotiated salary or other terms and conditions. All these queries must have to be made before accepting that new job offer. As afterwards, nothing is going to change that easy.

Even if you’re a new job seeker and don’t consider yourself to be an expert, you must not doubt yourself. Always think big, work hard like a pro, so that doors to new opportunities are always welcoming you.

Don’t even doubt that there are no jobs in Pakistan, there are plenty of new jobs in Pakistan. But only for the competent.

Welcome to the life of professionals and wish you best of luck for the new job offers, coming your way!

Responding To Job Offers


Celebration of Defense Day

7 Sep

                                                                                    defance day

6th September is celebrated as a tribute to those brave soldiers and great people who fought and successfully defended their loving state from the enemy. On September 6, 1965 Pakistani forces bravely repressed the Indian opened attack on Lahore-Sialkot border. Almost 17 days, the war continued on both sides. Later on United Nation (UN) ceasefire came in command to resolve the matter and issue was finally fixed by Tashkent Declaration.

Pakistan’s Arm forces fought valiantly along with Pakistani nation to combat the intruders and protect the honor of the State. During perfume their duty many lost their lives while fighting heroically. Some of them need to be mention in this writing.

  • Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed

He was born in 1928. He was appointed in the Punjab Regiment in 1950. On 6 September 1965, as a Commander and selected to move with his forward platoon. Throughout, fearless by continual fire from enemy arms and tanks he prepared the defense of the canal, leading his men to answer the fire till he was hit by an enemy tank shell which killed him on 10 September 1965. He was 37 years old.

  • Squadron Leader (Now Air Cdr. retd.) M. M. Alam, Sitara-e-Jurat (Bar)

On 6th September, 1965, during an attack on over enemy territory. He destroyed two enemy Hunter aircraft and damaged three others. For the brilliant flying skill and bravery displayed by Squadron Leader Mohammad Mahmood Alam in operations, he was bestowed Sitara-i-Juraat on 7th September, 1965.

  • Squadron Leader Sarfaraz Ahmed Rafiqui Shaheed, Sitara-e-Jurat,Hilal-i-Jurat

On 6 September, 1965, Squadron Leader Sarfaraz Ahmad Rafiqui led a formation of 3 F-86 airplane on an attack against Halwara airport. Rafiqui rejected to leave the battle field which he would have been faultlessly justified to do; instead he ordered his No. 2 to taken over as leader and continue the engagement while he tried to give the creation as much protection as was possible with an unarmed aircraft. This called on the part of Squadron Leader Rafiqui. He is awarded Hilal-i-Jurat and Sitara-i-Jurat.

In order to commemorate the valor of our soldiers, we celebrate the defense day with all our heart and soul.

Celebration Spree

The celebrations of this day started with the 31-guns salute in Islamabad and along with 21 mortar-fires in all regional capitals. Pakistan Army shows their latest arms, tanks, helicopters, guns and different tools which is being used by electrical, engineers and other corps on that day. Prayers are offered for those martyrs in mosques and also on their tombs. Nishan-e-Haider is a special award which was given to the daring martyred people of Pakistan who leaved outstanding examples of bravery and sacrifices for the nation.

Every Pakistani can watch the defense day show with their families or the citizens can watch the show on their TVs, from the comfort of their home. Different national songs and different documents related with defense day are played on TV all day long we hear national songs, all coming from our surroundings. It is expressed to people how soldiers and different other people of that time gave sacrifices for the protection of the country and what is the duties of young generation now the films, dramas and the documentaries, all show how those brave soldiers sacrificed their lives to save the nation. The nationalistic environment is generated in all over the country on that day. Everyone thinks in his mind that he will do such a remarkable work for our country and always pray for the independence of Pakistan.

Author Bio:

Asia Satti is a content writer who loves to write on wide range of subject. her particular interest in career growth prompts her to write intersting word on jobs in pakistan.

Disadvantages of Inter Department Promotions

13 Jul

Several employers in Pakistan likes the idea of promotion within departments. They have their own perks and benefits which attracts the employers. Majorly employers already knew the skills and potentials of its employees. Similarly they can escape the tedious period of hiring a new talent from outside. Moreover, newly promoted employee doesn’t need to take adjustment time as he already knew the work dynamics. So it seems like quite a win-win situation for an employer. However, as everything brought its best side, there are few disadvantages as well.

  • It flares up the unnecessary competition among the employee: if you are promoting from within the company, it can lead to superfluous politics and completion among the staff members particularly for those queuing up for the same position. Promoting a single person from the group and demotivates others. This can give a way for several other problems like the left behind employee can feel worthless at work or feel overlooked which can affect his performance. Moreover, few employees who are senior in their experience feel aggrieved against the promotion of an employee who is junior in experience but better in skills.
  • A circle of vacancy: when employers in Pakistan particularly feel tempted to promote from within, they create another problem for themselves. This is that while promotion someone from within they create another vacancy open of the person who is recently promoted. Then you’ll have to fill that person either by within promotions or a fresh hiring. In first option, you’ll have to take the circle again while in the latter case you’ll have to take the hiring process which you happily avoided with first promotion from within.
  • Cessation of fusty ideas: To flourish as a company, it is important too incorporate fresh perspectives in the company. New and fresh ideas gelled up with the experienced one create a perfect combo. However, promotion from within halts the way of fresh ideas.
  • Reduced option: when an employer decides to take up an existing employee for a vacant post, they ran out of options to choose the best person. However, if you look outside the company and welcome applications openly, it will help you to generate a wider pool of options to get the most fitted candidate for the job. Moreover, the person selected from within the company will most probably require extra training to get in charge of the new job whereas candidate selected from outside will have the experience already.

From Business Development Executive to Businessmen

21 Apr

Not everyone can setup a business just after graduating. And nor it is easy to start a business without prior experience in business development jobs in Pakistan. It is best suggested that everyone desiring to setup their own business, must get experience from some sort of business development job. Experts say that the experience you must have before setting your own business, is about 2 years.

You may have seen people with no business background but still they’ve done pretty well. Business development is an art. Some are born with it. And some have to develop this art. But it isn’t hard to get. You’ll be able to start your very own business, all you need is consistency.

Talking of consistency reminds me of a story. This is the story of an old friend.

My friend graduated from University of Glasgow. He had always been a sharp lad and he always talked of starting his own business. So he studied BSc in Business & Management, and then from the same university, he did MSc in Business & Management. Well, as I told you, he was a sharp guy, then he knew his career path and then he graduated from one of the leading universities of the world. And guess what? He was hired by one of a leading companies in UK, Car phone Warehouse. He was hired as a junior business development executive.

3 years he spent in the same company. And reached from junior business development executive to business development manager of one of their outlets. With time he learn the DOs and DON’Ts of Business. He started planning for his own business. He started an online business page on Facebook. He was successful enough to convert his online page to an online store. And he’s doing pretty well.

There are few things I learnt and I would like to share with you fellows:

  • You can become a successful person, all you need is clear set of goals and a strong strategy(s) to reach those goals
  • Consistency
  • And that you can do 2 jobs at a time, especially when it comes to an online business

Now you could be thinking “he went abroad to study, and studied from an expensive university and he was lucky to get a cool job. Not all are that lucky!”

This is where I’ve argued many times and will also try to convince you fellows. It isn’t the university, not even your luck, but it is you who sets your destination. There are plenty of top universities in Pakistan. But not every graduate comes out as a success.

All you need to excel in life is effort.

So long for this story. The reason to share this story wasn’t just to waste your precious time, but it was to give you a lesson, which is:

Be consistent. Put your utmost efforts. And set you career goals.

Fellows from corners of Pakistan, if you would like to make your career in business development, you need to start planning for it right now. You don’t have to worry about the jobs in business development in Pakistan. There are room full with job vacancies in business development in Pakistan. There are plenty of business development executive jobs and jobs for business development managers. All you need is to follow my advice and then start your search on the web.

Don’t forget to gain some relevant job experience in Pakistan before developing your own business.

Best of luck folks!

Making Framework Development Progressive and Bug-free

16 Apr


In web developing, a framework or software framework is used for developing software applications. It is considered as a platform which provides a foundation for developing new soft wares for different web applications. There is a division of framework into its fragments: libraries, rules, and templates. There are two cases related to framework building in the sense that an organization may have multiple similar projects with similar problem domains. The second thing is there is a commonality in the framework development which would favor reusability across the project. In a paper by Todd. L. Veldhuizen titled: ‘Software Libraries and Their Reuse’ the following observation is worth mentioning:

“A common theme in the software reuse literature is that if we can only get the right environment in place— the right tools, the right generalizations, economic incentives, a “culture of reuse”. then reuse of software will soar, with consequent improvements in productivity and software quality. The analysis developed in this paper paints a different picture: the extent to which software reuse can occur is an intrinsic property of a problem domain, and better tools and culture can have only marginal impact on reuse rates if the domain is inherently resistant to reuse.” (http://lcsd05.cs.tamu.edu/papers/veldhuizen.pdf)

The web development services providers have to make it possible that every customer could keep his or her trust fully accustomed to the paramount service provided by them. For this purpose, they try their best to achieve their task by making framework development program a progressive one and bug-free.

For instance, the guidelines provided for the framework development are placed under the heading of ‘Object oriented framework applications’. These are the most long-lasting and promising technologies for software designs and implementations which can reduce the cost and improve the quality of software.

To look for a bug-free framework development, establish ideas way before the execution of the policy. Prepare a checklist for the errors to be counted on the web page in the form of any bugs. Design a layout and define the damaged areas in specifically marked portions. A litmus test for the opening of your new web page is mandatory but remembers to make use of a spreadsheet as a tracking system device. By adopting precautionary measures well before the ignition of a framework, the development process can easily prevent you from becoming a victim of heavy customer loss in the field of website designing services.


7 Habits of Highly Effective People

13 Apr

habits-for-successAs an effective learning “produce the desired results.” If you want to be very successful in business is very happy in life or made some big objectives, it’s efficient to do things habitually, will bring the results you seek. Perhaps the best overall formula for the entry into force specially to get succeeded in your careers in Pakistan, are included in the seven habits of Stephen Covey’s best-selling book of Highly Effective People

Be Proactive and pre-emptive

Importantly, this may be a great compliment to Stephen Covey, this first habit is deeply surrounded by the management of the material soul. We are told, in business, we should be proactive, and extensive what it meant, is to focus your efforts and focus on longstanding thinking in terms of long-term consequences of our actions

Covey contrasts are active or have a positive attitude and a response. Reaction, he said, those who are resigned, whether they can do in the current situation has no effect on their facts. Interestingly, the reactive power of the people, really is a truth, no matter what, you believe that your heart will affect your thoughts, words, and actions. If you really believe in what you can do to your unreasonable boss or the daily events in your lives, then simply do not make efforts.

Proactive people, on the other hand, they will not accept that nothing can be done to an unreasonable boss or the events of daily life – they will point out, there are always choices. This is what we do proactive people can do will affect future decisions; in their favor as it a plus to acquire progress in latest jobs in Pakistan. We react to people, events, and circumstances. You may not be able to control what life throws at us, but we always choose how we respond.

When you are finally ready to accept that the impact is reflected in our lives take full responsibility; when we commit mistakes (even big) we have the strength of character to admit; when we are completely free to use the options available to us under any circumstances, then you can say that we finally inherent habit.

Begin with the End in Mind

Many people cannot recognize success in the West. As success in their chosen profession and commitment to progress, they recognize that this is not, after all, to bring true satisfaction of any significance. The reason for this ultimate dissatisfaction is that they did not begin with the end in mind. For many people, this is not just that they did not start with the end in mind; it will be a bit deeper – they did not get around defining an end in itself too, so they do not start with the end in mind. Represents the purpose of your life. Unless you can say for what purpose, is guaranteed, then you cannot boot your life will bring you the greatest satisfaction in the way.

There are no shortcuts here while you are in educational jobs in Islamabad. Get engage in this habit, you need to have a dream, define your own vision, into the set goals, which will enable to make significant progress toward the dream practice. If you practice a faith, then you will consider how it affects your life goals.

Prioritize your preferences

Considering the urgency and importance of your preferences important you have to decide where you spend your time. To really understand and apply this habit, you should have to determine what is important to you. If you are not able to do this then simply you cannot distinguish between what is important is not what is important. Which is very important to know for the business management jobs in Pakistan.

Think Win

7 habits of the next are – think win-win. This habit is an attitude of mind. It involves a commitment to always seek to promote solutions that will truly benefit both sides dispute attitude. The Solution does not of course exist in themselves they must be created. Moreover, even if we cannot see a particular problem solution, which does not works, no such solution exists. The win-win concept is not based on a compromise – which is most of the natural end of the dispute. But a compromise is not correctly perceived circumstances synergy may result. The more you practice this habit, you will become more committed to finding a solution.

Seek First to Understand then is understood

The fifth habit is – to understand others. Most people do, naturally, when discussing certain types involved, meeting or dialogue is exactly the opposite, and they are the first to understand. And, as Stephen Covey says, when both sides are trying to understand, neither party is really listening; he called this interaction, “dialogue of the deaf.” This habit is an important key to relationships; it seems to be the ability of the process to discuss the transformation is almost magical. This habit is not just let someone else speak first; it involves really make efforts to understand what you’re saying. It is about understanding that our natural habit of mind is a misunderstanding which is good for team work to incorporate your marketing team if you are in marketing jobs in Pakistan. When you are engaged in conversation, the error is always present. However, if you are willing to invest the time and effort to really understand each other’s positions; and into the first part of this discussion consumption habits; then, when it is considered by other people, you really understand the dynamic changes. People become more open, more educated, more interested in is what you can say and, flowing from this habit of mutual understanding, you are ready to practice habit 6; it involves looking for creative solutions.


Sixth habit – collaboration. The habits include you put your head plus other party or parties to brainstorm creative collaboration to solve a problem, find a solution that contains a win-win benefit. Only do succeed a well-known habit of synergy.

Synergy – when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Find a cooperative solution is to find a solution that is better than either party might first proposed.

 Improve your judgements

In the last seven habits, sharpening the saw. In this habit, you are the saw; and keen to discover, is to become better, more intense and more effective. Efficient People always take time to improve your judgements. These habits are productive in the course of success every professional should seriously take help out of them in order to gain excellence in their careers in Pakistan.